API Technologies Designs Electronic Switched PDU for Laptop Charging Carts

API Technologies Corp.(NASDAQ:ATNY) (“API” or the “Company”), a provider of electronic systems, subsystems, RF, and secure systems for defense, aerospace, and commercial applications, introduced today an electronic switched PDU for laptop charging carts. This PDU was designed and manufactured by API’s Spectrum Power product line to be used in a variety of applications including educational and medical establishments.

This electronic switched PDU will be mounted on the back of the laptop charging cart, and provide charging power to over a dozen laptops. The laptop carts will have power strips that will plug into the switched PDU, and the PDU will switch power between strips in intervals of 15 minutes. Without a timed switching PDU, dozens of simultaneous charging laptops can trip the upstream circuit breaker and the laptops will not be fully charged. This unit is rated for 100-127 volts of AC power to two duplex switching outlets and two easily accessible “Always On” outlets on the back. The inlet connector has EMI filtering to protect against noise and interference from other electronic devices. Switching time between outlets can also be factory set to any preferred interval for the application in use.

The electronic switched PDU can be dedicated to a wide array of applications. This unit can be utilized by OEM manufacturers of furniture, storage, and cabinets. It can be an asset in after-market products to update/create a charging station. It can be added to existing furniture or cabinetry for employees that require charging for a variety of devices such as cell phones, portable reading devices, laptops, tablets, testing equipment, flashlights, battery chargers, two-way radios and more. This product can be modified in color, shape, outlet style (NEMA or IEC), power inputs, and more.


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