10 GB/S High-Speed Cable: Flexible, Durable Signal Integrity

With better signal transmission characteristics and improved cable flexibility from InfiniTwist cables with twisted pair technology, TE Connectivity's Madison Cable brand cable offers high-speed data performance up to 10 Gb/second and beyond.

Using a twisted shielded pair design, the InfiniTwist cables out-perform parallel pair designs in bend radius, flexibility, reliability, time delay skew and mode conversion (SCD21); termination issues associated with pistoning as seen in current parallel pair products can also be dramatically reduced. Silver plated copper twisted pair conductors achieve excellent signal integrity, crosstalk isolation, and support cable assembly length up to 3 meters.

Industry standards such as Displayport, HDMI and USB3.0 require cables that offer high bandwidth, low insertion loss and low time delay skew. TE Connectivity's latest 10 Gb/s high-speed cable can be used to manufacture cable assemblies for a variety of high-performance/high-speed devices such as displays, mass storage, audio and video capture.

TE Connectivity provides ideal high-speed cable solutions for the consumer devices industry. All cable is fully tested before shipment to ensure seamless implementation. Customers can choose from our standard offering or work with our dedicated engineering staff to develop a unique and customized solution.


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