Visual TFT Software 2.71 Released!

We've decided to fix few reported issues, implement nearly 20 fixes and improvements and have a much more reliable release of Visual TFT software.

The new version is enumerated as 2.71, but this little number at the end means having a lot better release than 2.70. Your favorite Visual TFT software for rapid development of TFT GUIs is improved so you can feel the difference.

Issue with importing older projects has been fixed as well as Bring To Front action of Line component. Lines can also be aligned with other objects using actions from Align And Distribute toolbar. We have also added short component description on mouse over, which can be very useful in design time. You can see the complete list of changes in Specifications Tab of the Visual TFT webpage.

We invite you to download the latest release and continue creating great TFT graphical interfaces with ease.


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