40V/100A Power MOSFETs Featuring the Industry's Best Power Conversion Performance (FOM=21)

ROHM has recently announced the development of a new series of 40V power MOSFETs optimized for 24V input DC/DC converters in industrial devices and automotive applications. Thirteen different models are available in six package types and a range of currents, from 9A to 100A, for broad compatibility. In addition, a unique new structure is utilized that improves power conversion efficiency by 30% compared with existing products, contributing to significantly lower power consumption in the DC/DC power circuits of high-power devices that require large current.

In recent years, devices have become increasingly power efficient due to improvements in the power conversion efficiency of DC/DC power supply circuits. As a result, power MOSFETs that play a significant role in power conversion performance are required to operate at high efficiency in order to minimize loss.

ROHM has previously developed numerous intermediate power class high-efficiency MOSFETs for consumer appliances. However, the increase in large-scale, high-power industrial devices and automotive applications with 24V input drives demand for highly efficient power MOSFETs that can handle up to 40V in high-current devices.

ROHM's latest power MOSFETs provide both low gate capacitance and low ON-resistance through a proprietary low-capacitance structure and new 'trench-type field plate' design. As a result, FOM, a performance index used for DC/DC converter power MOSFETs, is reduced significantly compared with ROHM's conventional products, ensuring industry-leading switching performance. This makes them ideal for high frequency applications and enables the use of smaller peripheral components.

In addition, to ensure optimum performance and reliability in synchronous rectification circuits, ROHM conducts 100% UIS (low-load avalanche tolerance) testing. Going forward, ROHM will continue developing transistor products to meet customer needs by leveraging advanced proprietary process technologies.


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