Pulse Penta-Band Antenna Interfaces to Cellular Networks with Any Size Printed Circuit Board

Pulse, a Technitrol Company (NYSE: TNL), a worldwide leader in electronic component and subassembly design and manufacturing, introduces its W3538B0200 penta-band, stand-alone antenna that is easy to implement and not dependent on ground plane size, therefore the printed circuit board (PCB) can be very small or large. Up to 80 percent efficiency is provided in a very compact 40 x 15 x 0.7mm size. This antenna interfaces to cellular networks for applications such as point-of-sales terminals, credit card readers, data loggers, automated meter readers (AMR), and industrial communications.

“Pulse is responding to the need for a stand-alone antenna which is ground plane independent to help our M2M customers achieve fast turnaround in their designs while still meeting performance excellence,” said Elaine Baxter, marketing manager, Pulse Antenna Division. “This antenna provides the greatest efficiency available for an antenna
this small.”

The W3538B0200 antenna operates over 5 frequency bands:  824 to 894 MHz, 880 to 960 MHz, 1710 to 1880 MHz, 1850 to 1990 MHz, and 1920 to 2170 MHz, with a radiated efficiency of up to 80 percent and a minimum efficiency of 50 % in all bands.  It has a return loss of -6 dB and an impedance of 50 ohms. The antenna attaches to a PCB with cable and connection to the board using IPEX, UF.L, MMCX, GSC, and MCD connector types to accommodate most cellular module vendors.

The W3538B0200 antennas are packaged in trays.


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