Enable Ethernet-to-WiFi M2M Communications with Airborne External Industrial and Enterprise Class Wireless Ethernet Bridges and Routers

Quatech, Inc., a division of DPAC Technologies (OTCQB: DPAC), and a leader in wireless machine-to-machine (M2M) networking solutions, announces its expanded lineup of Ethernet-to-WiFi products to meet the increased demand from industrial, healthcare and automotive customers. Quatech presents the most advanced external 802.11b/g solutions for Ethernet clients with Airborne wireless Ethernet bridges (models ABDG-BR-IN5010, ABDG-BR-DP501) and Ethernet routers (models ABDG-ET-IN5010, ABDG-ET-DP501).

The Airborne wireless Ethernet client bridges create a secure connection between an 802.11b/g wireless LAN and any device with a standard Ethernet port. For ease of configuration, the Ethernet client IP address can be in the same subnet as the rest of the wireless network. The client bridge transparently conveys data between devices with a 10/100 Ethernet interface and a wireless LAN, and requires no drivers or complicated addressing schemes. Since there are no port forwarding requirements of the bridge, installation and configuration can be completed in minutes without the involvement of IT personnel.

The Airborne Ethernet routers are NAT3 routers, supporting a public IP address for the wireless interface and a private network for the attached devices on the wired interface. These Ethernet routers are recommended when attaching multiple Ethernet clients to the wirelessly enabled Ethernet port. With NAT3, the router integrates with existing Ethernet devices, supporting 10/100 Ethernet, DHCP and static IP addressing, allowing a quick connection to the most advanced Enterprise class networks without changing platforms. With the included firewall and advanced rule based port-forwarding, the Network Address Translation (NAT) router allows multiple Ethernet devices to interact with almost any wireless network deployed. The NAT router is configured to work out of the box and requires almost no configuration. Just send data to the IP address of the wireless interface and the Airborne router will do the rest.

Quatech's Airborne Ethernet Client Bridgesand Ethernet Routers support the latest security standards and are fully compliant to the WPA2 Enterprise specification. These advanced, multi-layered security features include wireless security (802.11i/ WPA2 Enterprise); network security (EAP authentication and certificate support); built-in firewalls on the Ethernet and WLAN interfaces; secure communications (built-in SSH functionality and fully encrypted data tunnels for secure management and data transfer); and device security (multi-level encryption capability to protect sensitive device configuration data).

"With the rapid growth of Ethernet connectivity in M2M applications, we are excited to offer the broadest range of industrial-grade, enterprise class wireless Ethernet bridges and routers in the industry," said Steve Runkel, Quatech President and CEO. "Quatech customers indicate that Ethernet-to-WiFi connectivity continues to drive improvements in productivity and cost savings from the shop floor to the warehouse to the retail environment."

Airborne is a family of fully integrated 802.11b/g wireless LAN client bridge, Ethernet router, and serial device server products designed specifically to provide wireless LAN and Internet connectivity to industrial, healthcare and automotive applications. The highly integrated hardware and software enables plug-and-play capability, significantly reducing the complexity of wireless system deployment and network connectivity.

The family's industrial grade design, ruggedized enclosure and extended operating temperatures (-40°C to +85°C) give Airborne the reliability and performance demanded in enterprise applications. Other convenient features include compact form factor, low power consumption and the latest Airborne SpeedLink roaming feature. SpeedLink enables mobile devices on a wireless network to roam quickly and freely without losing important data, ensuring high level connection reliability. Utilizing a 32bit ARM9 processor and the high-performance Atheros AR6002 802.11 radio, the Airborne devices deliver increased transmit power and receive sensitivity, contributing to superior range performance.

Included with all external Airborne Industrial and Enterprise class devices and embedded modules, the Quatech Airborne Management Center (AMC) brings Enterprise class device discovery, management and control to the world of M2M wireless devices. This advanced device management application enables single-click maintenance from one to many devices on a network. AMC is an application that supports individual and group management of all aspects of the devices, including firmware updating, configuration management, access management (passwords), virtual COM port installation and more.


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