Level Sensor: LS03 Series

MEDER LS03 Series Liquid Level Sensors feature magnetic floats which activate reed switches when the liquid level rises or falls, as desired, and then provides an output signal. Available in Form A and Form B contact types, these magnetically-operated, hermetically sealed proximity switches require no external power and handle switching voltages up to 400 VDC.

Designed for horizontal mounting in tanks, MEDER LS03 Series Liquid Level Sensors are available in two versions: polypropylene for use in water and dilute acids and polyamide for use in oil, gasoline and brake fluid. Supplied complete with shaft, nut, float, and nitrile seal, these compact sensors can be ordered with a variety of standard and custom terminations.

MEDER LS03 Series Liquid Level Sensors are priced depending upon version and quantity. Literature and pricing are provided on request.


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