TAIYO YUDEN Announces the Release of the 2012 Safety & Environmental Report

TAIYO YUDEN CO., LTD has released its 2012 Safety & Environmental Report which includes the results of safety and environmental efforts made in FY2011.

TAIYO YUDEN strives for perpetual growth while fulfilling its corporate social responsibilities. In an effort to properly disclose information, including safety and environmental efforts, and the results of these efforts in an easy to understand, comprehensive way, TAIYO YUDEN began publishing its annual Environmental Report in 2002. Since 2005 TAIYO YUDEN has been publishing its annual Safety & Environmental Report, which contains information relating to occupational health and safety.
This report focuses on activities towards medium-term environmental targets, which are split into four fields; 1) “Environmental risk management,” 2) “Contribution through environmentally friendly products,” 3) “Prevention of global warming,” and 4) “Preservation of biodiversity”.  The Safety & Environmental Report provides information about TAIYO YUDEN Group’s and our progress towards building the foundation for safety and a clean, healthy environment along with activities toward supporting the environment and health and safety.
TAIYO YUDEN recognizes that efforts toward safety and the environment are an important responsibility and we are committed to fulfilling these responsibilities. We shall continue to promote safety and environmental activities from a global perspective.


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