TAIYO YUDEN Announces Commercial Production of Metal Power Inductor “MCOIL™”, Optimal for Smartphones

TAIYO YUDEN CO., LTD. has succeeded in developing the metal power inductor “MCOILTM”, the first of a series of coil components that use metallic magnetic materials optimal for use in choke coils for power supply circuits in compact mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet PCs that are becoming smaller, thinner, and more feature-rich. TAIYO YUDEN today announced commercial production of the 2520 size metal core wire-wound chip power inductor “MAMK2520” (2.5x2.0x1.2mm) and the 2mm square size metal core SMD power inductor “MDMK2020” (2.0x2.0x1.2mm, height is maximum value for both).

A combination of newly developed metallic magnetic materials with TAIYO YUDEN’s advanced process technology achieves for both products the best-in-class DC bias characteristics in the industry as well as size reduction. MAMK 2520T2R2M (inductance value 2.2µH, saturation current 2300mA) has 2.3 times higher saturation current than TAIYO YUDEN’s existing BRL2518T2R2M (inductance value 2.2µH, saturation current 1000mA). MDMK2020T2R2M (inductance value 2.2µH, saturation current 2000mA) has 1.5 times higher saturation current than TAIYO YUDEN’s existing NRS2012T2R2M (inductance value 2.2µH, saturation current 1350mA).

The commercial production will commence in May 2012 at the Company’s Nakanojo Plant in Gunma Prefecture, Japan at a production volume of 40 million and 20 million units per month for MAMK2520 and MDMK2020, respectively. The sample price is $1.00 each.


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