New Linear 1W / 2W Amplifiers Target 3G / 4G Apps

TriQuint's new TQP7M9105 and TQP7M9106 packaged GaAs RF driver amplifiers have the highest linearity in their class and are optimized for GSM / CDMA / WCDMA and LTE base transceiver stations. Their broad bandwidth also makes them well suited for remote radio heads, small cell amplifiers, defense communications systems, and other applications between 50 to 1500 MHz.

The TQP7M9105 delivers P1dB RF power of 1W (+30dBm) with an Output Third Order Intercept Point (OIP3) of 49dBm, gain of 19.4dB, and power consumption of only 220mA from a single +5V supply. The TQP7M9106 produces P1dB power of 2W (+33dBm), OIP3 of +50dBM, gain of 20.8dB, and draws only 455mA from its +5V supply. These rugged, integrated amplifiers provide protection against RF input overdrive, DC overvoltage, and ESD.


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