Release New Full-Color, High-Brightness LED for Landscape/Stage

Today, Seoul Semiconductor announced that it would release ‘Z7-F,’ from the high-brightness Z-power LED series.

The new high-power, high-brightness product has realized full color for stage and landscape lighting. In particular, full-color performance is essential to create emotional lighting design in outdoor and landscape lighting including stage lighting. Recently, a demand for high-power, high-brightness full-color LED has been on the rise. Seoul Semiconductor anticipates that it could effectively respond to market needs with the Z7-F.

The high-power (700mA), high-brightness full-color LED Z7-F features high brightness per watt (R: 75lm/W, G: 88lm/W, B: 15lm/W, W: 97lm/W). The lens-type package delivers more lights. Above all, the new product will be available at affordable prices (about 70% of market price). For easy application to various lighting products, Z7-7 will be provided in an ultra-small package (9x7x3.2mm).

John S. Bae, Vice president of Seoul Semiconductor, said, “With the release of the Z-power LED Z7-F, we are now able to provide high-brightness full-color LED which is in high demand in the stage and landscape lighting sectors and Z6 series which is superior in color mixing at the same time.” He added, “We are going to keep focusing on developing more innovative and creative technologies and products to meet diverse market needs and demands.”

The sample for the Z7-F series is available now, and mass production will begin in late August.


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