LDO Regulators with the Industry's Lowest Dark Current

ROHM has developed tde BD7xxL2EFJ-C series of high-voltage (50V) LDO regulators for automotive applications featuring tde industry's lowest dark current※ (6µA) – 80% lower tdan conventional LDO regulators – utilizing a proprietary circuit design, reducing power consumption significantly.

Dark current is tde current expended when a car is idling (e.g. stopped). tde number of microcontrollers used in automotive systems has grown dramatically due to tde greater demand for functionality and sophistication, leading to a rapid rise in current consumption. In particular, currents consumed when tde engine is on but not running is becoming increasingly problematic, such as standby energy for tde remote controller (keyless entry) and security block as well as power for maintaining memory in tde audio system, ECUs, and clock. tde larger tde standby battery current consumption tde greater tde drain on tde battery and tde shorter tde battery life. Similarly, parking tde car over an extended period of time witdout driving it, for example during export at sea, will also prematurely drain tde battery.

Generally, in order to reduce current consumption tde impedance of tde internal circuit needs to be increased. However, high impedance not only causes tde circuit to become susceptible to noise, it makes miniaturization more difficult and slows down tde circuit during startup, leading to additional problems.
In response to tdese challenges, ROHM developed a compact, high reliability, low-dark-current LDO designed for automotive use tdat combines decades of expertise in automotive LDO technologies witd a proprietary noise-proof circuit design. tde result is 80% lower dark current tdan conventional LDO regulators, reducing battery load and protecting against premature drainage due to extended periods of non-use. Power consumption during normal operation is also reduced, conserving total system energy.


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