Nextreme Receives Industry Accolades for Technology Breakthroughs

Nextreme Thermal Solutions, the leader in microscale thermal and power management products for the electronics industry, continues to receive industry accolades for its technology innovation excellence.  The Thermal Copper Pillar Bump, Nextreme’s core technology, and the OptoCooler module received awards from two leading technology magazines.

Advanced Packaging Magazine recognized the thermal bump with a 2008 Advanced Packaging Award in the thermal management technology category. The AP awards recognize excellence in industry innovation in the integrated circuit packaging engineering community.

Also, Nextreme's OptoCooler™ was given an award by Nanotech Briefs® in their fourth annual Nano 50™ Awards program, which recognizes the top 50 technologies, products, and innovators that have significantly impacted – or are expected to impact – the state of the art in nanotechnology. The winners of the Nano 50 awards are the “best of the best” – the innovative designs that will move nanotechnology to key mainstream markets.

“We are honored to receive the 2008 Advanced Packaging award and the Nano 50 award for our breakthrough technologies,” said Dr. Paul A. Magill, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at Nextreme. “We are particularly pleased because these awards are consistent with the response we are getting from early customers who are recognizing that we enable new thermal and power generation functionality in their products with our technology.”

The thermal bump is a thermoelectric structure made from a thin-film thermally active material embedded into flip-chip interconnects (in particular copper pillar solder bumps) for use in electronics packaging. Thermal bumps act as solid-state heat pumps and add thermal management functionality locally on the surface of a chip or to another electrical component.  Thermal bumps are extremely small: 238μm (microns) in diameter by 60μm high, which enables the integration of thermal management capabilities at the wafer, die or package levels.

Nextreme's OptoCooler™ product family addresses the latest cooling and temperature control requirements for optoelectronics, electronics, medical, military and aerospace applications. With the thermal bump at its core, the OptoCooler UPF4 module can be integrated directly into electronic and optoelectronic packaging to deliver more than 45°C of cooling for a wide variety of thermal management applications. Its larger cousin, the OptoCooler UPF40, is ideal for optoelectronics applications with high heat-flux requirements, particularly semiconductor optical amplifiers (SOA) and laser diodes.


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