Functional Power Module Technology: Providing Power Modules Perfectly Matched to The Specification

We develop highly efficient, highly functional power modules for inverters, converters etc., using our unique power circuit and in-car mounting technology along with our own power semiconductors. In particular, we adapt our semiconductors to the specifications of the final product to attain superior efficiency, miniaturization and weight savings.


The functional power modules we develop use many of power semiconductors of our own manufacture, such as diodes, thyristors, and MOSFETs. We also utilize our unique circuit technology in single phase and 3-phase bridges, etc., to help heighten the efficiency of products. With the power semiconductors we install ranging widely from tens to 600 V and tens to 100 A, synergy with our semiconductor business is one of the strengths of our products. With many years of accomplishments in in-car mounting technology, we develop and supply products of high quality. Also, we select the mounting substrate materials best suited for the output current, application, etc., and have a ready system to respond flexibly to custom specifications by incorporating predrivers, etc.

Technology Details:

The construction of functional power modules fit to the unit

1)  Single-phase/3-phase bridges
   Power semiconductors of our own manufacture installed, such as diodes, thyristors, and MOSFETs
2)  Predrivers
   Power semiconductor predrivers can be installed. Some common kinds of predrivers, for illustration, include non-insulating-type bootstrap systems, suitable for synchronous rectification, and floating systems.
3)  Applications
   A broad range of markets are supported, including industrial devices and the automotive market.


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