TI Strengthens Current Shunt Monitor Portfolio with Four Industry-Leading Devices

Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NASDAQ:TXN) today expanded its industry-leading portfolio of current shunt monitors with four new devices. The integrated circuits (ICs) monitor power supply current, voltage and power values with best-in-class features that reduce board space and bill of materials (BOM), while delivering high accuracy. The INA3221, INA282, INA223, and LMP8480 current shunt monitors are optimized for a wide range of end-equipment, from smartphones, tablets, computers and servers, to power management devices, battery chargers, and industrial, telecommunications and test equipment.

Key features and benefits:

INA3221: Triple-channel shunt and bus voltage monitor with I2C interface
  •     Industry's first triple-channel device with digital interface enables monitoring of three separate voltages, eliminating the need for discrete devices for each voltage rail.
  •     80-uV maximum offset voltage and 0.5-percent gain error enable highly accurate current measurement and precision over-current detection for end equipment such as notebook and desktop PCs, base stations and servers.
INA282: Wide common-mode range, bidirectional, high-accuracy current shunt monitor
  •     70-uV maximum offset voltage and low gain error enable the use of smaller shunt resistors to reduce power consumption, board space and BOM.
  •     First device to combine wide common-mode range (-14 V to +80 V) and high common-mode rejection ratio (120 dB) with low offset voltage across multiple gain options. This feature combination increases accuracy in high-voltage applications, such as industrial system power units and telecom power systems.
INA223: Analog output current shunt, voltage and instantaneous power monitor
  •     Industry's first analog multiple output current shunt device offers multiplexed current, voltage and instantaneous power values to reduce board space and BOM.
  •     Programmable gain of 20, 128 and 300 allows operation over a wide dynamic current load without switching the sensing element, improving response time and accuracy in high precision products, such as such as battery-powered notebooks, mobile phones and tablets.
LMP8480: Precision high-side current sense amplifier with voltage output
  •     High common-mode voltage range of 4 V to 76 V and a high supply range of 4.5 V to 76 V reduce system cost by allowing the device to be powered from the same voltage node it is monitoring.
  •     Input offset voltage of 265 uV, 50-percent lower than the competition, increases sensing accuracy in high-precision applications, such as telecom, automotive and solar power monitoring.
Designers can develop a system management solution by combining an INA3221, INA222, INA223 or LMP8480 current shunt monitor with TI's OMAP TM processors, Stellaris® ARM® Cortex™-M microcontrollers, LM75A or TMP75 temperature sensor, as well as a wide range of analog monitoring and control integrated analog-to-digital converter (ADC) and digital-to-analog converter (DAC) solutions, such as the AMC7812 or LMP92001.


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