Silex Introduces Intelligent Modules That Enable Enterprise 802.11 Wireless Connectivity for Battery-Operated Devices

Silex Technology, a global leader in wired and wireless networking solutions, today announced the SX-570/SX-580, high-performance intelligent modules designed for connecting devices that require low-power consumption to 802.11a/b/g/n wireless local area networks (WLANs). Eliminating the need for the development investment of the wireless LAN driver and security supplicant, it is ideal for OEM applications that need WLAN connectivity with minimal power usage, such as battery-operated portable devices for medical, printer, weights and measures, and other applications. Silex will showcase the SX-570/SX-580 and its entire family of embedded product offerings at the Embedded Systems Conference at the McEnery Convention Center, booth 1141, from March 27- 29, 2012.

Measuring 1.18 x 2.16 inches (30 x 55 mm), the SX-570/SX-580 features a powerful 32-bit 454MHz Freescale i.MX28 processor with an 802.11a/b/g/n radio, a complete TCP/IP network protocol stack and an optimized AR6003 wireless radio driver and security supplicant in a self-contained hardware package. One major advantage of the SX-570/SX-580 is enterprise security, including WPA2 with 802.1X authentication, which enables it to be used on almost any customer’s network without security compromises. Another key SX-570/SX-580 advantage is a full-featured Linux operating system that allows OEMs to easily offload requirements such as protocol conversion or data filtering using standard C programming.

The SX-570/SX-580 is designed to connect to a wide range of OEM devices without the need for special software drivers or interface hardware. It includes a serial port that can run at speeds up to 3Mbps while supporting Ethernet bridging. For additional flexibility, an SPI port and a USB 2.0 host and OTG port are also available.

“The SX-570/SX-580 further strengthens our leadership position enabling WLAN capabilities for OEM devices,” said Keith Sugawara, Vice President of Business Development of Silex Technology America. “The SX-570/SX-580 is our third-generation intelligent module. Silex is the only vendor to offer OEMs with solutions that range from SiPs to wireless radio modules to intelligent modules to external boxes. Our broad product offering enables Silex to provide the best solution for our customers today while helping them transition to a more integrated solution when required.”

The SX-570 supports single-band 802.11b/g/n while the SX-580 supports dual-band 802.11a/b/g/n. Engineering samples are available immediately for customer evaluation.


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