Reed Sensor MK11 in Brass Version

The MK11 Series Sensors are supplied in a threaded style housing and accompanying hardware which allow for easy and exact adjustment in limit switch, end position and proximity sensing applications. Branching out from the plastic and stainless steel styles, the MK11 Series Threaded Reed Sensors are even more diversified with the addition of a new brass version MK11/B.  More affordable and structurally robust, the brass housing is able to withstand higher torque settings, and resist high temperatures, moisture and compression.  Furthermore, the brass housing’s non-ferromagnetic properties also eliminate any potential magnetic switching interferences.

In addition to the added stability, theMK11/B also comes in four metric thread sizes M6, M8, M10 and M12.  While the standard MK11/B series brass version is equipped with a 500mm long, round PVC cable, many other wire termination and connector options similar to our other sensors series.  A full range of SPST and SPDT power switching options are available using our KSK Series Reed Switches.


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