Ultra-Miniature RGB LED in an SMT, Right-Angle Package

Lumex is announcing a unique right-angle surface mount (SMT) LED that provides full-color RGB output.  Lumex's SML-LXR851SIUPGUBC LED requires a footprint of only 3.2mm x 1.00mm (0.126 inches x 0.039 inches), yet it delivers ultra-bright full-color operation.  It has been created for applications in digital data and voice, small hand-held devices, or PC board and panel multiple status indicators.  In addition, these SMT LEDs can be used to create full-color backlighting in even cramped locations.

Lumex's RGB LEDs come in a surface-mount package with a length and width of 3mm (0.188 inches) by 1mm (0.039 inches).  Total height off the circuit board is a mere 1mm (0.039 inches).

Featuring state-of-the-art chip chemistries, these RGB devices emit at peak wavelengths of 636/525/470nm (R/G/B) with axial intensities of 90/180/70mcd (R/G/B) at If = 20mA.  Useable life is 100,000+ hours.

Lumex's SML-LXR851SIUPGUBC LEDs are RoHS complaint and are available on standard 8mm tape.  Samples of these RGB LEDs are available in approximately 4-6 weeks, with production quantities in 8-10 weeks. 


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