Triaxial Accelerometer for Race Car Performance

Motorsports recognize the need for a triaxial accelerometer that can provide accurate vibration results in pre-race trials and real-time measurements during the course of an actual race. Precise data needs to be gathered to allow the racing engineer to determine what design modifications and suspension adjustments need to be made when mere fractions of a second can determine the winner.

Measurement Specialties, Inc. has developed the Model 4203 accelerometer that satisfies these requirements. The accelerometer features a silicon sensor element utilizing silicon MEMS technology (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) packaged in a lightweight metal housing. DC capability allows the capture of long duration transients in order to measure whole body motion. On-board signal conditioning outputs high level, low impedance signals. Each of the full scale g-ranges of the three orthogonal axes can be independently selected for optimum measurement resolution.


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