Sensor Actor Line - M8x1 Assembled Now with Screw Termination

CONEC has recently added connectors with screw termination to the M8x1 field attachable connector series. The new version is suitable to terminate stranded or solid wires up to a cross section of 0,5 mm² by the new screw termination. This new termination allows also the connection of stranded wires incl. sleeve without reduction of the maximum allowed cross section.

A corresponding key for the hexagon socket screws are supplied along with
each connector.

The versions of field-attachable connectors are available as plug and socket with 3 or 4 poles. Additional to the straight version CONEC also offers a 90° angled version. The housings accept standard cables with 4 to 5,5mm diameter. The current carrying capacity of every contact is 4A with all contacts under load and 40°C ambient temperature condition.

The operating temperature range is from –30°C to 85°C. The coupling rings are hexagonal shaped (SW13) and if necessary, a corresponding torque wrench is available from CONEC. The connectors are IP67 protected when fully mated.


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