Rectangular, Metal, Press fit, Environmental, Power Connector

The ePower series of connectors are designed for the demanding requirements of hybrid, electric vehicles, and utility truck electrical systems, operating at 800vdc to 1000vdc with a 200A to 500A rating. The product incorporates the patented RADSOK® technology for higher amperage, lower T-rise, less resistance and mating force. Meantime, it offers a 40% smaller footprint than three EMI shielding cable glands and easier operation of termination with shielded cable by a washer compressing the shield to the inside surface of the shell. The connector series covers 2 or 3 power contacts. As an example, one ePower 400A connector can replace three conventional connectors, saving space and cost.

Features & Benefits

    Two or three circuit power
    Crimp, lug or busbar termination
    IP2X on pin and socket
    Environmental IP67 rating
    Two HVIL circuits
    1000vdc rating
    11.1mm RADSOK® technology for 200 to 500A current capability
    Strain relief for jacketed cable incorporated into shell
    Integrated EMI shielding
    Excellent vibration resistance
    All aluminum shell
    Multiple wire size capability: from 50mm2 to 95mm2


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