PLX Expert to Present Cutting-Edge PCI Express Gen3 Technologies at Europe PCI-SIG Developers Conference

PLX Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ: PLXT), a leading global supplier of high-speed connectivity solutions enabling emerging data center architectures, today announced the company will deliver a technical presentation on PCI Express 3.0 (PCIe Gen3) at Europe’s upcoming 20th Anniversary PCI-SIG Developers Conference, held September 10-11, 2012, at the Marriott Munich Hotel, in Munich, Germany.  The visionary presentation, titled “Implementing Systems Using PCI Express as a Fabric” (known as ExpressFabric®), details a next-generation system model using PCIe-centric hardware and software as the backbone of a data center rack.

Free registration to the PCI-SIG Developers Conference Europe 2012 closes soon.

By leveraging low-latency, high-performance PCIe Gen3, new global market opportunities are developing to help manage the massive flow of data driven mostly by today’s Internet applications.  Designers are creating sophisticated solid state disk (SSD) PCIe-based architectures dedicated to storing and retrieving movies, music, photos, and files.  Other markets experiencing growth via PCIe include oil and gas exploration, financial trade routing, test and measurement, communications, and general-purpose computation on graphics processing units (GPGPU) used to accelerate a wide range of applications, such as embedded systems, mobile appliances, computers, and gaming graphics.

The broad PLX ExpressLane™ PCIe Gen3 portfolio now includes 14 switches ranging from large 96-lane, 24-port devices to streamlined 12-lane, three-port solutions.  Punctuating their market-disrupting performance, designers choosing the PEX8796 switch -- touting bandwidth of 8 Gigatransfers per second, per lane, in full duplex mode -- are rewarded with amazing throughput of 1,536 gigabits per second (192 gigabytes/s), delivering performance that challenges all other interconnect technologies.


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