OSHW, Maker Faire and New Products

GHI Electronics is excited to complete the firmware and libraries for all its open-source products just in time for Maker Faire. Aside from USB Host library, FEZ Hydra, FEZ Cerberus, FEZ Cerbuino, FEZ Cerb40 are all complete and ready for your next project. These are probably some of the most sophisticated and beneficial OSHW products on the market. The hardware is done in EAGLE, the most popular circuit designer for open-source projects, and the software is licensed Apache 2 instead of GPL, which allows for easier integration in commercial projects and in close-sourcing the derived work.

In case you didn't know, all these products are proudly designed, manufactured and supported from our facility in Michigan, USA.

So which product should you select?
FEZ Hydra is the speedy machine with a powerful 200Mhz processor and enough RAM for graphics, capable of even running linux.
FEZ Cerberus is a tiny board that's excellent for robotic applications.
FEZ Cerbuino is your bridge from 16Mhz 8-bit Arduino and limited-shields to a powerful 168Mhz 32-bit microprocessor with Gadgeteer capability.
FEZ Cerb40 is the size of a stick of gum, yet as powerful as its cousins, Cerberus and Cerbuino.

Take any of these mainboards and plug in a module from our ever expanding module list, from displays and lights to sensors and relays, everything is plug and play.

We will be showing these off at Detroit's Maker Faire at Henry Ford Museum. We look forward to meeting you this weekend.

We have two very exciting surprise modules. The first one is a 7" 800x480 TFT Full-Color LCD with capacitive touch screen capable of reading 5 simultaneous finger-touches, with a built-in gesture decoder. This gorgeous display is a perfect match for FEZ Hydra and FEZ Spider.

The second surprise is a Serial Camera Module. This camera supports resolutions up to 640x480 and will work on any .NET Gadgeteer mainboard, OSHW or Premium. Developers can take the images and show them on screen if the mainboard has a JPEG decoder like FEZ Hydra and FEZ Spider. You may also store the images on SD cards or send them over the network.


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