Onondaga Lake Cleanup Progresses, Dredging Begins

Onondaga Lake dredging has begun, following all system checks, equipment testing and government approvals. This is a critical component of the lake cleanup plan, which is based on sound science and incorporates input from top national and local scientists, engineers, experts in the field and community members, who participated in a series of public meetings that have been held since 2004.

More than 500 Central New York scientists, engineers and skilled craft laborers have been working with Honeywell to build the infrastructure necessary for lake operations. Protection of the public's health and safety is an important part of every stage of the work to restore Onondaga Lake. The dredged material is not exposed to the open environment and extensive efforts are being taken to minimize odors.

Green electric pumping stations, solar panels, wind turbines, and B20 biodiesel fuel help Honeywell lower emissions during the Onondaga Lake cleanup.


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