One for All – All in One! The New Product Highlights at the Mostra Convegno

At the Mostra Convegno 2012, ebm-papst will be presenting itself as market and innovation leader in many different sectors: from the ultra-efficient fan in modern GreenTech EC technology to complete heating systems, including blower, gas fittings and control electronics.

ebm-papst offers everything - from individual components to complete systems tailored for individual needs. From 27 - 30 March 2012, the latest developments in the field of refrigeration, air conditioning and ventilation technology will be presented in Hall 24, stand B13-C22, and highlights in heating engineering will be presented in Hall 1, stand R05-S12.

As a specialist for centrifugal and axial fans, ebm-papst will be exhibiting the latest trends. For example, ebm-papst offers a range of energy-efficient centrifugal fans in GreenTech EC technology for efficient and quiet air-conditioning, e.g. in hotels and office buildings. These are up to 5 dB(A) quieter than conventional AC solutions, and they can be controlled in accordance with actual requirements. This enables the user to save up to 70% of his energy consumption.

The new fans of both axial and radial design based on the GreenTech EC motor of size 150 now also have explosion protection approval. That means that they are suitable for use in a gas-filled environment – for example in places where customers increasing employ natural refrigerants such as propane.

With the new "RadiCal" in size 630, ebm-papst is upwardly expanding its existing RadiCal product range in GreenTech EC technology. Different motor layouts and with different impeller diameters - this range covers every feasible application in the field of ventilation and air-conditioning technology.

For example, ebm-papst has developed a plug fan range in the sizes 250 to 900 mm, which cover air performances of up to 30,000 m³/h, for use in central air-conditioning devices. The "spider mount" allows a variable installation position of the fans – installation is possible with either a horizontal or a vertical motor shaft position. The large sizes are intended for horizontal installation, where vibration elements can be attached to the base frame to provide isolation from the environment.

As a pioneer in heating engineering, ebm-papst is now positioning itself as a systems supplier of flexible system solutions for individual customer requirements. The complete installed components can be selected independently by the customer – from the new, ultra-efficient GreenTech EC centrifugal blower NRG 77, to additional components such as venturi valves and gas fittings, to complete solutions with burner control and electronic networking. This combination of blower and control technology from a single source is one-of-a-kind in condensing boiler technology. ebm-papst developed the control electronics for heating engineering systems together with its Dutch R&D partners Argus Vision. This partnership has produced results such as the digital interface and the LambdaConstant system. The know-how of ebm-papst with respect to products and systems for heating engineering in conjunction with many years of experience of Argus Vision with burner controls for heating engineering systems produce more eco-friendly, higher-performance and more efficient products. In addition, the design freedom offered by Argus Vision's standard platform allows customer-specific solutions specially tailored to requirements. The condensed competencies of the two partner companies thus enables customer requirements to be satisfied many times better.


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