New Thai Plant Opening Ceremony - Capacitor Mass Production Resumes

NEC TOKIN Corporation has acquired a new plant within the Wellgrow Industrial Estate to make up for its plant in the Navanakorn Industrial Estate, which was damaged by last year's flooding in Thailand, and has been preparing to resume production. NEC TOKIN has recently completed factory building and production equipment preparations, and has held an opening ceremony for its new plant on May 31. From June, NEC TOKIN will resume its mass production of conductive polymer tantalum capacitors (Neo Capacitors) in Thailand, followed by resuming mass production of electric double layer capacitors (Super Capacitors).

In October of last year, NEC TOKIN Electronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (located in Navanakorn Industrial Estate, Pathumthani, Thailand), NEC TOKIN's capacitor business mass production plant, was flooded during the large-scale Thai floods, and took severe damage. In order to rapidly restore its capacitor business, NEC TOKIN acquired a new plant in the Wellgrow Industrial Estate (located in Bang Pakong, Chachoengsao), and has prepared to resume production activities.

Since the floods, Thailand has been busily engaged in recovery efforts, and while difficulties were encountered with equipment delivery dates and the securing of site personnel, NEC TOKIN succeeded in holding the opening ceremony in May, roughly as scheduled.

The opening ceremony was attended by NEC TOKIN executives, as well as individuals who have been of assistance with facilities and construction work, celebrating the start of operation by the new plant.

Production will be gradually ramped up at the new Wellgrow Industrial Estate plant, focusing on conductive polymer tantalum capacitor production. From late 2012 onwards, plant production will be increased to the manufacturing of 100 million conductive polymer tantalum capacitors and 3 million electric double layer capacitors per month. NEC TOKIN will continue to improve the plant's production capacity thereafter.


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