New Molex Micro-Lock™ Positive-Lock Connectors Feature Protective ‘Crash-Free’ Mating

Molex Incorporated introduces a new line of through-hole Micro-Lock™ single row connectors for wire-to-board applications in data/com, telecommunications, networking equipment and consumer electronics, including gaming devices and LCD and PDP flat panel displays. The Micro-Lock positive-lock 2.00 mm pitch connectors feature a low mated profile of 6.00 mm and a ‘crash-free’ design to prevent damage to header pins during connector mating.

“As flat-panel TVs and other electronic devices become thinner, with more densely packed electronics, mating of wire-to-board connectors can result in problems with terminals or pins requiring high insertion forces and becoming damaged,” explains Goji Tanabe, regional product manager, micro products, Molex. “The new space-saving Micro-Lock connector system delivers the industry’s lowest insertion force for a 2.00 mm pitch connector – combined with damage-proof pin protection to prevent header pins from being bent or crushed during angled mating.”

Rated for 3.0 Amps per pin and available in 4 to 15 circuits, the Micro-Lock connector system features a through-hole design. The bellows-shaped terminal and round header pin enable lower insertion and extraction forces, a key requirement in many electronic products. Additionally, the bellows-shaped terminal design ensures more reliable electrical performance and a reduced pin angle compared to tuning fork and U-shaped terminal designs.

Micro-Lock connectors include guard walls and detent features that guide the housing into the header without allowing the pin to be touched until the housing is aligned, for safe, crash-free mating. The wide mating latch with a two-point positive locking system provides secure mating retention and protects header pins from damage that can result in signal degradation or interference.

“With one of the lowest profile positive latch through-hole connectors on the market, the Micro-Lock connectors deliver the right fit for OEMs who want robust performance and reliability,” adds Tanabe.

Manufactured in environmentally friendly low halogen material, the through-hole design is the first release in a series of Molex Micro-Lock connectors scheduled to include other features, such as SMT, vertical and dual-row versions.


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