NetBurner 32-bit ColdFire Module in 40-Pin DIP for $26

NetBurner has released its first module based on the Freescale Semiconductor ColdFireT MCF5213. This 66MHz 32-bit processor has been mounted onto a 40 pin DIP making it ideal for both prototyping and production. The NetBurner Mod5213 comes equipped with a complete tool chain including IDE, Project Manager, and a fully preemptive RTOS. The NetBurner tool chain quickly enables any embedded design, with or without using the included real time operating system.

The fully static ColdfireT core provides highly flexible power management boasting a stand-by of 130uA and a full speed operating current below 50mA. With an extended operating temperature of -40� to +85� C, the Mod5213 performs in the harshest environment.

Further simplifying the development process, NetBurner has developed a Pin class. This Pin class provides a simple way to control pin configuration and provides easy access to pins for read and write operations. A solid project platform can be created through use of the project wizard getting your product started right out of the box.

NetBurner has made a business out of simplifying the implementation of embedded products. The NetBurner solution provides fully functional hardware, an integrated development environment, and real time operating system. The IDE tightly integrates the compiler, linker, and debugger supporting both C and C++.

The Mod5213 is available October 7th, 2005 at a price of $26 in 10K/pc quantity. The development kits will be available for $99 for a limited-time.


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