NEC TOKIN Announces Production Policy for Capacitors in Thailand

NEC TOKIN Corporation today announced the following production policy for capacitors in Thailand, in response to damages from heavy flooding in October 2011.

- NEC TOKIN will restart production of capacitors at a newly purchased plant facility in the Well Grow Industrial Estate from May 2012.  Production is moving to the Well Grow Industrial Estate, which has never been flooded, in response to flood damage that took place at the company's Nava Nakorn plant in 2011.

- NEC TOKIN will place priority on restarting production of the small, thin Neo-capacitors and Super-capacitors.

- In line with the plant's relocation, a staff reduction of 2,700 out of 3,100 employees took place at the Nava Nakorn plant.  The new plant will begin operation with 400 employees. 

- As product demand grows, the new plant is expected to subsequently expand and increase production capacity, and accordingly increase to 1,000 employees producing the following products within 2012.


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