Multi-Tech Systems and Lat-Lon Receive 2012 Connected World Value Chain Award

Multi-Tech® Systems, an industry-leading manufacturer of M2M (machine-to-machine) communications solutions, along with Lat-Lon, a provider of GPS based management tools for transportation industries, received a Gold 2012 Value Chain Award this month at the annual Connected World Conference in St. Charles, Illinois. The Awards recognize the most successful adopters of M2M communications technology and the teams of solution providers that made their successes possible.

Selected by a panel of top industry analysts and experts, the awards highlight the process of combining multiple technologies, such as the carrier-approved Multi-Tech Systems embedded cellular modems and the Lat-Lon Solar Tracking Unit (STU), to create a winning M2M solution.

Lat-Lon is serving a growing need to track moving cargo on assets, such as locomotives, which often carry mixed loads with varying degrees of tolerance for environmental conditions. This provides a challenge for the transporter to safely get each product to its destination.

Thanks to M2M communications enabled by a ready-to-integrate Multi-Tech Systems SocketModem® embedded cellular modem, Lat-Lon was able to quickly develop a solution that allows real-time access to data from remote assets. Multi-Tech Systems’ embedded device networking solutions with Universal Socket, a flexible comm-port architecture, and Universal IP®, a consistent development interface, allowed Lat-Lon to add communications capability to its STU with minimal engineering effort. Lat-Lon was also able to significantly save time and costs associated with pursuing their own carrier approvals since Multi-tech embedded cellular modems are pre-approved for use as end devices.

The STU eliminates the need for a person to travel with the cargo or for final inspections, as it allows assets to be monitored and tracked remotely. A prime example is food shipments, which were yielding upward of 20% of goods being rejected due to refrigeration failures. The Lat-Lon solution coupled with M2M communications is able to achieve significant customer savings in a very short period of time.

“It is rewarding to see a development that delivers such outstanding value get to market so quickly,” said Don Miller, senior product manager, Multi-Tech Systems. “We are very proud of our partnership with Lat-Lon and this prestigious industry award.”

To learn more about this award-winning solution, please read the M2M Customer Case found on the Multi-Tech website.


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