Lantronix New xPrintServer – Home Edition Now Shipping

Lantronix, Inc. (NASDAQ: LTRX), a leading global provider of smart M2M connectivity solutions, today announced the worldwide availability of its new xPrintServer™ - Home Edition, the follow-up to the company’s award-winning xPrintServer – Network Edition, the industry’s first and only plug-and-print hardware solution for printing from iPads®, iPhones®, and virtually any Apple iOS® device.

“Lantronix has hit on an incredibly simple but powerful solution for home users of iOS devices,” said Jeff Wolfe, president and co-founder of Wolfe Engineering, a California-based civil engineering firm.  “The inability to quickly and easily print from your iPad has been a source of frustration for Apple enthusiasts since the iPad launch.  With no apps to download, no software to install, and no need to buy a new printer, the xPrintServer has surpassed our expectations and should be a success with even the most novice of home users.”

The xPrintServer – Home Edition: Key Differentiators
The xPrintServer – Home Edition boasts the same ease-of-use and high performance as xPrintServer – Network Edition, and has the added benefit of transforming USB printers to network printers. Now instead of being tied to only one PC or Mac computer, the USB printer will be available over the home network to all networked PC and Mac computers in addition to the iOS devices.

  •     Ease-of-Use. No IT experience required. Simply open the box, plug it in, print.
  •     No Software. No software or apps to purchase, install, or support on the iOS device.
  •     One xPrintServer, Multiple Printers and Users! Preserve your investment in USB printers. One xPrintServer - Home Edition supports multiple USB printers, up to two network-connected printers, and an unlimited number of iOS devices and users.
  •     Share USB Printers. No longer tied to a single PC or Mac computer, USB printers will now be available to all PC and Mac computers on a home network in addition to the iOS devices.
  •     No Configuration. The xPrintServer – Home Edition auto-discovers and auto-provisions printers.
  •     Always-on and Economical. Unlike most app solutions, the xPrintServer - Home Edition does not require a high power consumption PC or Mac computer to be on. The xPrintServer – Home Edition also has a very environmentally friendly power consumption of approximately 1 watt.
  •     Print Everything. If it can be viewed, opened, or read on an iOS device, it can be printed with the xPrintServer.


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