Inspired LED's Low Cost, Easy installation Under Cabinet Task Lighting

Inspired LED, Inc., a leading designer and manufacturer of off-the-shelf and custom design LED lighting systems, announces its new line of low cost, easy to install under cabinet LED task and accent lighting products for contractors. Inspired LED's modular, fully interchangeable line of lighting and accessory products is priced very competitively, as compared to most similar offerings in the market.

Available in warm white or cool white outputs, up to 10 light panels can be connected to one power supply. An optional remote switch allows on/off control of light panel strings. Each 3/4 watt light panel fixture has three sets of 3 miniature highly efficient LEDs, its own on/off switch, weighs under 1 ounce, and remains cool to the touch even with continuous use.

Inspired LED off-the-shelf light panels are neutral grey. The low profile light panels deliver crisp task and aesthetic  lighting on counter work surfaces and display niches. Modular components in Inspired LED’s line are easy to install in minutes, with pre-affixed mounting squares (no tools required), or use screw mounting option.

"We proudly offer the lowest cost, smallest profile, lightest weight, easiest to install under cabinet LED lighting systems available, and without skimping on quality," says Jim Levante, CEO for Inspired LED. "We've developed an interchangeable line of modular components that enable any contractor to choose aesthetically pleasing, energy saving LED task and accent lighting for their upcoming new projects and retrofit options."


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