IES5523A a Cost Effective and Reliable Temperature Control Solution

Hendon Semiconductors the manufacturer of the OM1654A and the IES5521A has recently released the IES5523A. It is a derivative of the IES5521A with a timeout indicator signal.

The IES5523A is the new addition to the popular OM1654A and IES5521A used in hair styling tools application. It features excellent temperature control with minimal external components; a time-out for automatic shut-off and now with a timeout indicator signal, it provides a mean of indication that the appliance is now in time-out mode. This signal can be used to drive an external LED circuit to indicate either ON/ OFF when it is in time-out mode. An easy flick of the mains switch will reset the timer.

This range of integrated circuits is also well suited for use in small home appliances application where accurate temperature control is essential and a time-out timer is required as the appliance safety requirement.

The IES5523A is available in SO-8 RoHS compliant package and engineering samples for this part is currently available.


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