Honeywell Upgraded 3-D Weather Radar Enhances Pilot Awareness and Aircraft Safety

Honeywell’s latest major upgrade to the Honeywell IntuVue 3-D Weather Radar helps pilots to increase in-flight situational awareness and improve decision making in flight.  Previously unable to anticipate either hail or lightning in their flight path, or turbulence at long range, flight crews are now able to predict the probability of severe weather up to 10 minutes in advance.  IntuVue 3-D also enables the detection of turbulence at a range of nearly 70 miles, the longest range available today, providing the flight crew with more time to reroute or initiate turbulence avoidance procedures.

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, inclement weather accounts for almost 70 percent of all aircraft delays and cost the U.S. economy alone more than $18 billion in 2008. Turbulence related incidents cost airlines, on average, approximately $200,000 per incident according to the Bureau of Transportation statistics.


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