Honeywell Helps Canadian Utilities Increase Energy Efficiency and Improve Grid Performance Through peaksaver Plus™ Programs

Honeywell programmable thermostats, combined with in-home energy displays, will help three Ontario-based utility companies manage demand and promote conservation. Burlington Hydro, Hydro Ottowa and PowerStream will use the technology in their peaksaver PLUS programs, which were established by the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) as part of a province-wide initiative to mitigate increasing demand on the power grid.  The programs builds on the success of the utilities’ initial peaksaver® demand response programs, which Honeywell helped launch in 2006. 

Honeywell will aim to enroll approximately 20,000 new customers in the utilities’ programs, adding to their existing peaksaver base of more than 40,000 homes.  In return for their participation, customers will receive a free, professionally installed in-home energy display, as well as the Honeywell UtilityPRO® demand response thermostat, the original incentive for the programs.

According to estimates from the OPA, this will give the three utilities the ability to reduce combined demand by at least 30 megawatts when energy use peaks, usually on the hottest, most air-conditioning intense days of the year. The programs are also expected to help trim day-to-day electrical use in participating homes. 

Along with installing the technology, Honeywell will handle appointment scheduling for the programs, as well as all data tracking, reporting and customer service.


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