Hendon Semiconductors and NXP Semiconductors Sign Supply Agreement

Hendon Semiconductors Pty. Ltd. and NXP Semiconductors have recently signed a supply agreement in which Hendon Semiconductors will supply a range of components exclusively to NXP for sale to their customers globally.

Under the supply agreement, which commences in 2009, Hendon Semiconductors will supply integrated circuits, which have been designed and tested at Hendon in South Australia, to NXP for the next three years. The agreement also provides the opportunity to further extend the range of components sold by Hendon Semiconductors to NXP.

The agreement also commits the companies to move from supplying finished goods parts to a wafer supply model where tested silicon wafer will be supplied, providing improved logistics flexibility for both companies.

The value of this agreement is estimated to be US$6 million.

“The agreement confirms a previously informal arrangement between the companies, allowing for a closer working relationship and increases the number of products supplied” says Steven Fraser – Manager of Business and Product Development for Hendon Semiconductors.


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