GE Energy Offers Digital Power Insight™ for Design Engineers

GE Energy (NYSE: GE) has released its new Digital Power Insight™ kit, (DPI Kit) designed to help power electronics design engineers quickly and easily get started on reaping the many benefits of implementing digital power components into existing and future product designs.  Available upon request from  Power Electronics’ regional sales managers and/or through its licensed distributors, the Digital Power Insight kit is a portable, user-friendly evaluation tool that allows power design engineers of all knowledge levels to explore, evaluate and experiment with digital power modules such as the popular DLynx™ Point-of-Load- (POL) and the Barracuda™ DC-DC bus converter series.

“The GE Energy Digital Power Insight kit gives power design engineers the unique ability to turn any PC or laptop into a virtual evaluation lab,” said Jeff Schnitzer, president of GE Energy’s Power Electronics business. “Digital power provides access to critical load information, including current and voltage, enabling the system to monitor power consumption at the highest possible resolution. With this kit, design engineers with limited digital power experience can educate themselves at their own pace and explore first-hand how a digital power module can impact the energy efficiency of the finished electronic product.”

Unlike other digital power evaluation kits, the GE Energy Digital Power Insight kit is designed for a full ’Plug and Play‘ experience, requiring only one data field to be populated by the engineer. The kit is ideal for power design engineers in the telecom, datacom, industrial and medical device industries, and allows for real-time, ‘on the fly’ exploration. In addition to the evaluation board, USB adapter and cables, the kit also comes with a simple, step-by-step instruction manual.


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