First Sensor Introduces the QP154-Q Photodiode for Laser Guidance Applications

First Sensor’s Q series photodiodes for 1064 nm are ideally suited to laser rangefinders, laser-based guidance systems, and for all applications needing the best detection of radiation from YAG lasers or comparable NIR radiation sources. With the photodiode QP154-Q, First Sensor is introducing a new development that is unique in Europe.

QP154-Q is a quadrant detector that is optimized for laser guidance under extremely difficult conditions. Its construction is fully hermetic and includes an integrated and exceptionally powerful heating element that can bring the element to optimal operating temperature in just seconds. The product is tested for ambient temperatures of -55°C to +125°C and holds up to high levels of shock and accelerations.

“High tech – made in Germany" applies to every component of the product. The p-on-n silicon photodiode with high responsivity at 1064 nm, high uniformity, very low dark current and fast rise time is manufactured at First Sensor’s parent plant in Berlin based on decades of experience. The hermetically sealed housing including the low profile cap with soldered flat glass window was developed and delivered by Schott AG in Mainz, Germany. First Sensor’s Swabian subsidiary Lewicki microelectronic GmbH is responsible for the design and assembly of the high performance heating element. Lewicki has been on in the market for 45 years and specializes in and is approved for the manufacturing of components for aerospace technology.

Every component can be modified on individual requirements. The quadrant photodiodes for 1064 nm can be manufactured in p-on-n as well as n-on-p technology with specific optimizations of speed and sensitivity. Furthermore, the heater element and the package layout can be specifically matched to the application.

We are proud to introduce a product that fulfils the highest requirements. Its outstanding features are the result of combining specialist technical knowledge within the First Sensor Group and its traditional good connections to the best German suppliers.


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