Excellent Performance from Your Cree MT–G2 LEDs

In Consultation with Cree, Carclo Optics developed enabling optics for Cree’s XLamp MT-G, multi–chip LED. The result of Carclo’s innovative approach to TIR optic design and experience in high efficiency optics is a range of 30mm optics which Cree incorporated into their MR–16 reference design (See Below). With the release of the MT-G2 Cree have improved upon the LED technology even further and excellent results are achieved using the 30mm optic from Carclo.

“The first EasyWhite LED array built on the SC³ Technology Platform, Cree XLamp MT-G2 LED pushes performance limits to redefine lumen levels and efficacy while delivering the industry’s best color consistency and superior optical control. MT-G2 LEDs are designed for high-output, directional lighting applications and are the ideal replacement for lighting applications that currently use inefficient halogen lamps.”


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