Enpirion’s Newest DC-DC Converter Advances the Company’s Leadership in Power Management for Embedded Computer-on-Modules

Enpirion, the leading innovator of the industry’s smallest point-of-load DC-DC converters, announced a new member of its power IC portfolio targeted at embedded computing as well as solid-state drives (SSDs). The Enpirion EN5339 3 Amp power system-on-a-chip (PowerSoC) integrates the controller, power MOSFETs, compensation network and inductor into one highly compact solution that significantly reduces the traditional engineering analysis and design effort associated with discrete DC-DC converter designs. Its small solution footprint and slim profile offers Enpirion’s wide base of customers – who develop diverse form factors such as Ultra COM Express, PC104, Qseven, ATCA Advanced Mezzanine Cards (AMC), Compact PCI and others – an important new alternative. The EN5339 has already landed more than 20 design wins ahead of its official market release.

“Enpirion’s portfolio of PowerSoCs supports our hardware designers in easing the process of bringing to market numerous platforms, form factors and capacities,” said Jonathan Hinkle, memory system architect, Viking Technology, a leader in SSD, DRAM and hybrid technologies for the enterprise storage market. “The EN5339 is a nice addition to Enpirion’s lineup and helps streamline our power design efforts by eliminating cumbersome steps and needless iterations.”

The EN5339 fits into a 55 mm2 solution area with a 1.1 mm profile – setting the bar for the smallest 3 Amp solution available. High-density embedded computer-on-modules, in particular, require this small area and often a low profile to enable bottom-side PCB mounting. Keeping up with the demands of embedded, industrial and storage applications, the EN5339 enables a 20 percent solution footprint reduction and 40 percent lower profile compared to previous Enpirion 3 Amp products.

“We continue to optimize solution size and cost without compromising the high performance and simplicity of design inherent in all Enpirion’s PowerSoCs,” said Mark Cieri, Enpirion’s director of marketing and business development. “I was told just last week by a hardware engineering manager at a leading European embedded computer maker that his most difficult design challenge was fitting both the processors and discrete DC-DC converters onto the same card. He was delighted that we could solve his concerns.”


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