Enpirion’s Newest Converter Offers a Breakthrough Alternative to Traditional DDR Power Solutions

Enpirion, innovator of the industry’s smallest point-of-load DC-DC converters, announced a new member of its power IC portfolio targeted at DDR memory termination power. The Enpirion EV1320 is a 2 Amp source/sink DDR termination converter that offers a peak efficiency of 96 percent – a 1.4 Watt power savings over a traditional LDO (low drop out) regulator-based solution at a comparable low cost and small solution footprint. Customers have already begun to capitalize on the EV1320 benefits ahead of the product’s official market release, having designed the device into a wide range of applications including ultrabooks, servers, Solid State Drives (SSDs) and embedded computing modules.

“Continued focus on innovation in highly integrated power devices combined with improved efficiency will significantly impact every corner of the industry,” said Arnold Alderman, power electronics analyst, Anagensis Inc. “The introduction of novel approaches that provide lowest solution cost and smallest size for mainstream applications, such as DDR power, is fueling the rapid adoption of integrated power.”

The EV1320 VTT converter accepts an input voltage of 0.95 to 1.8V. The device is available in a 3 mm x 3 mm x 0.55 mm tall QFN package and requires only 80 mm2 printed circuit board (PCB) area for the total solution. Multiple devices can also be operated in parallel to provide a high-efficiency, cost- and footprint-effective solution for applications that use large complements of DDR memory. For example, the power savings in a typical 2P server is more than 11 Watts. With 10 million new servers deployed annually, this equates to over 110 million Watts of energy savings and associated cooling costs just for server applications – without incurring additional hardware costs. Considering other targeted applications such as PCs, notebooks, tablets and embedded computing could result in 450 million Watts of additional potential power savings.

“Every generation of electronics products adds new features, functions and compute resources, which in turn drives an increase in DDR memory capacity to the point where the memory termination power is becoming significant,” said Charlie Mera, Enpirion’s vice president of marketing and applications. “The EV1320 enables designers to significantly reduce the memory subsystem’s power dissipation without resorting to more expensive, larger switching regulator-based memory termination options.”


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