Enhanced Shield M12x1 Connectors for Harsh Environments

CONEC expanded its family of sockets to another version. Shielded M12x1 connector meets the modern needs for reliable high speed data, even in harsh environments. For enhanced EMI performance, the body shield has been extended to the surface of the PCB, eliminating any apertures that could cause EMI leakage.

360 degree shielding is achieved with 3 extra grounding pins, to ensure a low impedance in the ground path, and full coverage of the ground traces on the PCB.

This shielded M12 is especially well suited to applications that require high reliability and interference free data signals. In addition to the IP67 sealing that you expect with M12x1 connectors, these connectors solve the problems that might occur in the absence of the 360 degree shielding.

These PCB mounted M12x1 connectors are available in rear mount configuration, in "A coding" with 4,5, or 8 pins, "B coding" with 4 pins, and "D coding" with 4 pins.


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