Energy Micro Launches Free Sample Program for EFM32 Gecko Microcontrollers

Energy Micro, the energy friendly microcontroller and radio company, today announced a new program that gives designers around the world quick and easy access to free samples of the EFM32 Gecko series microcontrollers (MCUs).

Part of the company’s focus on simplicity, the sample program is aimed at designers wanting to test the latest and most energy efficient MCU technology. In addition to the free Simplicity Studio developers’ suite, engineers wishing to order their free samples simply need to visit Energy Micro website. The samples are available to qualified individuals worldwide, with no additional charges for shipment, and with a lead time of just a few days.

Energy Micro’s processors are aimed at energy sensitive applications such as smart metering, building automation, security systems, portable health and fitness equipment and smart accessories. Devices in the EFM32 Gecko range consume as little as 150µA/MHz in active mode and feature numerous energy-efficient peripherals, including an on-chip LCD controller, USB interface and a low power yet autonomous sensor monitoring system named LESENSE. The low energy LESENSE interface can be used even in deep sleep modes, requiring as little as 1µA to enable intelligent and conditional wake up of the MCU.

The EFM32 series is the industry’s most comprehensive range of low-energy MCUs based on the ARM Cortex-M series of processors, consisting of more than 240 variants. The sampling program initially encompasses members of the Gecko, Tiny Gecko, Leopard Gecko and Giant Gecko families, based on the Cortex-M3 processor.


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