Electronic Design Magazine Names FCI's SCFF Optical Transceiver as 2012 Top 101 Component

High-performance, high-density optical transceiver saves board space!

Electronic Design readers have selected FCI’s Small Cubic Form Factor (SCFF) Optical Transceiver as one of its 101 Top Components in 2012. Developed for telecommunication and data communication applications, the compact, hot-pluggable SCFF Optical Transceiver is built to a small cubic form factor that is mechanically modified from the industry standard SFP+ form factor.

The SCFF Optical Transceiver:
  • Saves significant in-board real estate without sacrificing performance or linear board density, as compared to the existing SFP+ standard
  • Supports the 2G, 4G and 8G Fiber Channel standards
  • Features an 850nm vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL).
  • Enables transmissions of up to 150m over OM3 multi-mode fiber at 8G FC protocol with a low power consumption of <0.6W.
  • Available with Duplex LC optical interfaces for optical cabling hook-ups.
  • Ideal for enterprise storage hardware, network interface controllers (NICs), host bus adaptors (HBAs), host channel adaptors (HCAs), industrial, instrumentation and medical applications.
Of the six connector products listed in the Electronic Design 2012 Top 101 Components, FCI’s SCFF Optical Transceiver was the third most popular connector product.


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