EFM32 Gecko MCU Powers the SCUBAPRO-UWATEC Meridian Dive Computer

SCUBAPRO-UWATEC and Energy Micro, the energy friendly microcontroller and radio company, today announced that the EFM32 Gecko microcontroller (MCU) has been selected to power the SCUBAPRO Meridian dive computer. Meridian is a sophisticated dive computer with a luxury watch design, powered by a single CR2032 lithium battery.

Designed for use at depths of up to 120 meters, the Meridian is the world’s first 32-bit dive watch-computer. It incorporates an advanced diving algorithm and performs multi-gas decompression. Its unique integrated heart rate monitor enables adaptive workload calculations.

While diving, the Meridian can be configured to display a variety of dive information including depth, dive time, decompression status, and water temperature. Above the surface it handles remaining desaturation time, no-fly time, and features a built in thermometer and altimeter that is perfect for mountain treks.

"Our adaptive algorithm, which accounts for the effects of workload, micro bubbles and temperature for every dive, is more advanced than basic time/pressure based diving algorithms. However, the added complexity requires extreme calculation power and energy efficiency that only Energy Micro’s 32-bit MCUs can provide," said Reima Holopainen, R&D Manager of UWATEC AG. "In creating the unique design of the Meridian we also challenged the EFM32 support team with special requests critical to our application. With excellent responses from Energy Micro the Meridian design was realized in optimal time."

Energy Micro’s EFM32G890 Gecko is a 32MHz, 32-bit MCU based on the powerful ARM Cortex-M3 processor. Requiring just 180µA/MHz while active, the device provides the flexibility of five MCU sleep modes, three of which draw less than a microamp of current. The Gecko has a short 2µs wake-up time, integrates 90 general purpose I/Os, and a 0.55µA built-in LCD controller. An eight-channel peripheral reflex system (PRS) allows peripherals to inter-communicate without CPU intervention.

"We’re very proud to have been chosen by SCUBAPRO-UWATEC to enable such an important product design," said Andreas Koller, VP of worldwide sales and marketing at Energy Micro. "It’s great to see our core technology being put to use in an innovative, prestige product such as the Meridian."

The Meridian boasts a completely sealed ultra-tough 316L stainless steel housing and sapphire glass. It operates in three modes – Apnea, Scuba or Gauge – and can store over 50 hours of diving data. The dive profiles can be downloaded, edited and reviewed on a personal computer.


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