EaglePicher Technologies, LLC Unveils Peak Shaver Power Pyramid™

EaglePicher Technologies, LLC (EaglePicher), an OM Group, Inc. company, recently unveiled their Power Pyramid™ grid scale energy storage system to industry members, area business leaders, and state and local political figures.  The Power Pyramid™ is a breakthrough concept for renewable energy storage and time-of-use optimization.

A Media Day was held recently at the company’s Crossroads Center facility where EaglePicher president, Randy Moore, welcomed event speakers and guests prior to addressing the capabilities and applications of this new technology.  Other key company speakers included Ron Nowlin, Vice President and General Manager of Aerospace Systems, and Greg Miller, Vice President of Engineering and Technology.  Guests enjoyed a tour of the Power Pyramid™ demonstration system which is designed in a 2MWh/1MW modular arrangement consisting of a blend of three different battery electro-chemistries.  The energy storage system also incorporates power generation through a 10kW wind turbine and a 20kW solar array.  The system is easily scalable for larger stationary installations or smaller portable applications.

EaglePicher is leading the way in developing distributed energy storage solutions to meet the ever-increasing energy needs of future generations.  These solutions can reduce cost by managing time-of-use rate differentiation and reliably controlling even power distribution for alternative energies, such as wind, solar, and grid power.  The company’s breakthrough concept will set new standards for integrating intermittent renewable energy sources.

Distributed energy storage will continue to grow in importance as large-scale renewable power sources and distributed generation will be necessary to meet the ambitious GHG reduction goals and projected energy independence needs.  EaglePicher’s proud heritage of significant battery manufacturing capabilities provides an important solution to meeting the energy requirements for future generations.


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