EaglePicher Medical Power Announces New Li/CFx Battery Technology

“This enhanced chemistry delivers several benefits – to device manufacturers, to physicians and to patients. In addition to the new end-of-life feature, this proprietary chemistry also provides superior energy density for longer battery life,” said Joe Marotta, vice president and general manager of EaglePicher Medical Power. “It gives us great pride to announce a technology that will help improve the lives of patients who rely on implantable medical devices.”

The enhanced Li/CFx battery chemistry provides higher energy density for use in a variety of implantable applications including telemetry-capable pacemakers and ICDs, neurostimulation devices, drug pumps, body fluid pumps and monitors. Benefits include:
  •     Proprietary ERI/EOL indicator for safe and predictable replacement prior to endof battery life
  •     Superior energy density enabling longer life or potentially smaller devices
  •     Excellent rate capability for rapid capacitor charging throughout most of thebattery life
  •     Telemetry capability
  •     Elimination of the initial voltage delay commonly seen in Li/CFx batteries
  •     Low self-discharge
The new technology will be available in a number of configurations ranging from under 350 mAh to 10 Ah.

For more information about EaglePicher Medical Power and the new Li/CFx technology, please visit the company’s exhibit (booth #1471) at this week’s Heart Rhythm 2009 conference and exhibition in Boston.


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