DLP-IO14 14-Channel Data Acquisition Module

DLP Design, Inc. is pleased to announce the new DLP-IO14 Data Acquisition module.

The DLP-IO14 Data-Acquisition Module is a low-cost, easy-to-use data-acquisition system for analyzing AC voltages, controlling and monitoring processes and measuring DC voltages in the range of both 0-5 volts and ±5 volts. The available channels on the DLP-IO14 are broken down as follows: 12 digital I/O; all of which can also be set to Analog Input Mode (0-5V). Two additional analog channels that are dedicated to measuring voltages in the range of ±5V. Two channels are dedicated to 32-bit counter inputs. The DLP-IO14 also provides SPDT latching relay contacts. All features of the DLP-IO14 are controlled via simple single- and dual-byte commands, and all operational power is taken from the host PC via the USB port.


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