CTS Awarded New Automotive Sensor Production Programs

CTS Corporation (NYSE: CTS) today announced that CTS Automotive Products has been awarded three new production programs to supply sensors for a North American active manifold application and for two turbocharger applications.  Total expected revenues from these sensor awards are approximately $15 million. These business wins are a direct result of CTS’ successful initiative to develop and launch a series of new products in its sensor product line.

CTS will supply active manifold sensors to a major Tier 1 supplier for light-truck and sports car applications in North America. These sensors help control air intake on engines, resulting in improved performance and lower emissions. First deliveries are expected in mid-2014, with anticipated revenues of approximately $8 million over the five-year program life.

CTS will also supply turbocharger sensors to a global turbocharger manufacturer for two new passenger car and light commercial vehicle applications in Europe. These sensors help the turbocharger systems boost engine power and improve fuel economy.  Expected revenues from these programs are approximately $7 million over their five-year life, with first deliveries in 2014.


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