Critical Link Introduces New ARM-Based System on Module for Industrial Applications

Critical Link, a Syracuse-based electronics product development company, today announced that its MityARM and MityDSP families of highly-configurable, small form factor, embedded CPU engines have been extended to include support for Texas Instruments’ AM3359 ARM Cortex-A8 based MPU. The MityARM-3359 will enable Critical Link to provide a platform for applications that function in and communicate with industrial devices, while at the same time providing rich on-board graphics. Target applications for the MityARM-3359 include industrial automation, medical appliances and equipment, and weighing scales.

“Our customers have been looking for a system on module with a high-performance processor that offers both strong support for industrial interfaces, and 3D-graphics capability” said Critical Link Vice President Thomas Catalino. “TI’s new AM3359 provides that, and more. When we add in memory and power subsystems, as well as other capabilities, we have a complete and flexible CPU infrastructure that gives industrial application developers a cost-effective jump start on time-to-market.”

The MityARM-3359 is a small-form factor module that includes NAND FLASH and DDR2 RAM memory subsystems. Critical Link also provides a software development kit, which expands on TI’s AM3359 board support package. Critical Link SDK includes a port of DAS uBoot and Embedded Linux (Angstrom Distribution) to the MityARM-3359.

“For customers bringing new applications to market, based on TI Sitara™ ARM microprocessors, Critical Link has demonstrated that they can provide a cost- and time-effective alternative to ground-up development efforts,” said Russell Crane, product marketing manager, Sitara ARM microprocessors, TI. “With its new MityARM-3359, we anticipate that Critical Link will continue its legacy of helping our Sitara ARM microprocessor customers speed up their development cycles without having to make any trade-offs with respect to quality or to the specific custom requirements.”

 “Our customers are building complex and sophisticated industrial applications, and each application has its own nuances and requirements,” Catalino said. “To continue to meet those requirements, Critical Link is committed to offering our customers greater platform choice. What began years ago with a single CPU platform, the MityDSP, has grown to include a wide range of SOMs that offer a variety of platform options, with different combinations of DSP, FPGA, and ARM processors.”

The MityARM-3359 will begin shipping in Q1 2012. Pricing information is available from Critical Link.


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